School Council Election

In order to demonstrate the value of civic engagement and to enable the little scholars to explore the representative form of democracy, the School Council election is held every year in the month of April. All the students from Grades One to Six cast their votes and elect their representatives in a truly democratic manner.
The little scholars will be briefed well-in-advance about the election procedure, by the teachers-in-charge. All the students learn the process of submitting nominations, campaigning for themselves or for their favourite candidates. They also gain knowledge about the procedures of secret ballot system and the use their right of suffrage.
It is a grand ceremony, in which the elected School Leaders for each academic year; will be sworn into office in the presence of invited dignitaries, staff and parents. The ceremony is conducted in a very dignified manner each year.

Scholars’ Fest
‘Scholars’ Fest’, which provides the best platform to showcase the multifaceted talents of the students, is designed with an objective to stimulate and highlight the individual interests and God-given abilities of the students. All the students are to be motivated to participate in the Fest. Nearly twenty-five literary and cultural house-wise competitions are conducted every year as part of the ‘Scholars’ Fest.’
Science Fair
The Fair bestows the budding scientists of the school with an opportunity to express their scientific creativity, in the form of self-made Working Models, Still Models, Experiments, Charts and Projects. The Science Fair, which is an integral part of the Science curriculum of the school, challenges students to expand their knowledge and to exhibit their creative exploits, before an august audience. The school Science Fair maintains a very high standard every year.
Mathematics Fair
In order to help the students understand the importance of Mathematics in daily life, Mathematics Fair is organized in the school. The fair aims in building clear mathematical concepts in the students.
Field Trip
One of the most prominent memories of the formative years of our little ones will be a visit to a new place of interest. All the students will be taken for a trip at least once in every year in order to give them better exposure, as well as to enrich their experience through fun.


Onam, Eid, Diwali and Christmas are celebrated every year in the school to make the students aware of the importance of these festivals and to teach them to honour the faith of each other