Students’ Day
In order to commemorate the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Students’ Day is celebrated in Scholars every year on November 14, by entrusting the school administration and classroom teaching into the hands of the little scholars for a day. This is done symbolically by handing the key of administration to the student-leaders. Students take over the charge of the school throughout the day and the teachers evaluate the performance of the student-teachers and student-leaders.
Sports Day
In order to develop an appreciation of the concept of fair play, honest competition and good sportsmanship, Sports Day is conducted every year in the school with a variety of fun-filled games and sports competitions. After the official inauguration, there will be a colourful march past by the enthusiastic participants of all the four houses clad in their respective house-uniforms marching to the commands of their house captains. This is followed by various fun-filled games and track and field events.

Environment Day
In order to promote awareness among the little scholars to preserve our environment, Environment Day is celebrated every year on World Environment Day (5 June). The general theme chosen by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is usually selected as the theme for the day’s celebrations. The official function will focus on creating general awareness among students, to cherish and nourish the environment that they are living in. This will be followed by a variety of entertainment programmes based on environment-related issues. The day’s celebration culminates in a Quiz programme related to Environmental issues. Painting, Poster Designing and Essay writing competitions based on environmental themes will also be conducted for the little scholars.
Indian Independence Day
India’s Independence Day is celebrated with great zeal and zest, at the school campus on 15 August every year. The celebrations start with the unfurling of the Indian flag. The formal ceremony is conducted with an objective to make the students aware of the importance of the day. This will be followed by cultural programmes organized to pay respect to the brave leaders who sacrificed their lives for this noble cause. Students and teachers express their patriotic fervour by singing patriotic songs and the national anthem.
Gandhi Jayanti
Gandhi Jayanti celebration is conducted every year on 2 October. The programmes include patriotic songs, graceful dances, powerful declamations and other highly informative programmes commemorating the great events from the life of the exemplary leader, Mahatma Gandhi.
World Teachers’ Day
World Teachers’ Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm on 5 October every year in appreciation and recognition of the world’s unsung heroes- the teachers. The little scholars express their gratitude to their teachers through songs, short speeches and love cards. The official ceremony will be followed by a time of sharing of experiences by the teachers to motivate each other as they continue to commit themselves to mould lives and affect eternity.