Cell Groups

Cell meetings are conducted separately for boys and girls once in a month with an objective to help them to be smart, safe and strong in this competitive world. They are also guided to overcome both emotional and physical challenges that they face when they reach adolescence. The agenda for the cell meetings are planned by the School Counsellor and the teachers-in-charge of the cells.

Club Activities
Various club activities are conducted in the school once in a month to encourage students to widen their horizon and experience which in turn will help in their holistic development. A conscious, responsible and interdependent participation of the students in these activities help them in bringing out their creative talents and leadership qualities.

The list of the school clubs is given below:
• Language club
• Nature club
• Mathematics club
• Health and wellness club
• Arts club

Class assembly

Class assemblies are organized daily to provide opportunities for all the students of the school to overcome their stage-fear and to nurture their God-given talents. One assembly period per week is allotted to each class. Class teachers are expected to guide the students in choosing a theme for the assembly and to help them perform in the best possible manner. The primary focus of conducting the class assembly is to motivate each student of the class, to participate in it. The duration of each assembly is forty minutes.

Display Boards
In order to provide an opportunity for the students to display their creativity and to teach them to appreciate the works of others, display boards are kept inside and outside the classrooms. House Display Boards are kept in the corridors. Each house takes charge of the weekly display. The house members plan and work together stimulating the feeling of belonging to the group.