Our Principal

Mr. Anand Victor is a seasoned educator, passionate professional and a compassionate leader who attributes his success exclusively to the grace of God Almighty.
Mr. Anand Victor has hewed out a career for himself in the field of education traversing through the ‘less travelled’ paths. His indelible influence as an educator has spread its wings across many prestigious institutions in India, the Republic of Maldives, Kuwait, and Qatar, where he offered his sincere services as a Teacher, Academic Co-ordinator, Teacher-Trainer, and Principal
After completing his post-graduation in English Language and Literature, M.Phil. in English and a bachelor’s degree in Education, Mr. Anand Victor started his career in 1996 as a Teacher of English in Christ Nagar Group of Schools, Kerala, where he himself did his schooling.
After serving the Christ Nagar Group of Schools for two years, Mr. Anand Victor joined the Ministry school in the Republic of Maldives. He worked in the Republic of Maldives for a couple of years, and then came back to serve his Alma Mater again for a period of five years. He then offered his sincere services in the Government Higher Secondary School in Kerala for three years. During this tenure, he also offered his services as a Teacher-Trainer in The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). Then, he worked in Bhavans Kuwait for a couple of years and later moved to Qatar to take the reins of The Scholars’ International School. Mr. Anand Victor has been the principal of The Scholars’ International School since its inception in the year 2012.
Apart from being a passionate educator, Mr. Anand Victor is highly enthusiastic about nurturing the inherent, God-given talents of his students. During his school and college days, he had participated in many literary competitions and won innumerable prizes including the college ‘Kalaprathibha’ title and the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award, instituted by the International Library of Poetry, for his outstanding creative contribution.
Mr. Anand Victor’s expertise as an educator lies in identifying, nurturing and maximizing the potential of each child given to his care. His educational vision is to mould true leaders who will live with honour in a world where values are on the ebb. One of his greatest strengths is team building and his great team of professionals in The Scholars’ International School works together with him tirelessly for fulfilling the vision and mission of the school.
With a rich treasure of experience and expertise coupled with his absolute trust in God Almighty, Mr. Anand Victor continues to steer the Scholars’ International School towards the paths of excellence, along with his great team of professionals.